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Therefore, in order to make aluminum nitride sintered bodies black, a suitable metal element is added to the raw material powder and the added raw material powder is fired to produce black aluminum nitride sintered bodies refer to Japanese Patent Publication No.

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The method for forming a coating film according to claim 4wherein the aqueous white primer A further comprises one or more modifier resins selected from the group consisting of acrylic resins, polyester resins and polyurethane resins. As seen from these results, in case of the heat treatment at ambient pressure, excessive sintering was not occurred if the heat treatment was effected in a relatively short period of time, however, development of the crystal grains occurred, and hence the color tone of the sintered body turned gray.

As seen from Table 1, when the powder of aluminum nitride prepared by direct nitriding method was used, the obtained sintered bodies assume gray, pale brown or white color tone and have high lightnesses, so that they are inferior in heat radiation property. The hydrophilization of the polyisocyanate compound can be carried out, for example, by introducing a hydrophilic group such as a carboxyl group, sulfonic group, tertiary amino group and so on into the compound and neutralizing the compound with a neutralizing agent such as dimethylol propionic acid or like hydroxycarboxylic acid, ammonia, tertiary amine and so on.

The coating film obtained in step 1 was left to stand at room temperature for 10 seconds for setting.

In the process of studying aluminum nitride sintered bodies, the inventors have succeeded in iis an aluminum nitride sintered body wherein metal elements, such as a sintering additive, are substantially absent except for aluminum, and which assumes black color of a lightness of not more than N 4 according to the definition of JIS Z showing black gray color through black brown color of an extremely low lightness.

Lightness was measured as described above. In case when measuring a lightness of an actual sintered body, pieces of paper of standard colors of lightnesses of N 0 – N 10 are compared with the surface color of the sintered body to determine the lightness of the sintered body.


Such a ceramic heater has been found to have superior properties, particularly in producing semiconductors. In order jiis improve the adhesion of the coating film, a chlorinated polyolefin is needed as the resin component of the aqueous white primer A.

In addition, the lightness of the multilayer coating film thus produced is not satisfactory.

jiis Among these attributes, lightness is a measure of the attribute of the sense of sight for judging whether a reflectance of a substance surface is large or small. The present invention relates to a method for forming a coating film on a plastic substrate as follows.

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Though in the foregoing explanations the present invention was explained with reference to specific preferable embodiments, it should of course be understood that various other manners and embodiments can be practiced without departing from the real spirit and scope of the present invention as defined in the appended claims. As the ceramics for constituting the substrate of the ceramic heater, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, SIALON and the like nitride series ceramics are considered preferable.

In combination with the chlorinated polyolefin, one or more modifier resins can be used to adjust the flexibility or rigidity of the coating film or to achieve better film-forming properties. A1 Designated state s: The sintered body had an average particle diameter of 3. The sintered body obtained by this condition showed an excessively progressed firing as compared with Example 3 and hence an increased lightness.

DE Ref legal event code: There are no restrictions on the plastic substrate to be used in the present invention.

EP0743290A1 – Aluminum nitride sinter and production method therefor – Google Patents

Furthermore, viewed from this aspect, the aluminum nitride sintered body has more preferably an average particle diameter of the crystal grains of not more than 3. Number of Grain Boundary.

The aluminum nitride sintered body has preferably a relative density of at least Thermosetting Kis Colored Coating Composition B Any known colored coating composition for a base coat can be used as the thermosetting clear colored coating composition B of the invention. Such an aluminum nitride sintered body assumes black color of a lightness of not more than N 4 according to the definition of JIS Zhence it has a large radiation heat and superior heating property.


However, there are some problems that need to be solved. If necessary, these plastic substrates can be subjected to pretreatments such as degreasing, washing with water, etc.

Example 1 Step 1: Forty parts solids of polyolefin emulsion No. At that time, js principle, the lightness is determined to one decimal place with a value of 0 or 5 at the one decimal place. The powder was then monoaxially press formed to prepare preliminarily shaped bodies which were then hot press fired in a nitrogen atmosphere.

The oxazoline compounds are hydrophilic compounds which are effective for crosslinking chlorinated carboxyl-containing polyolefins, carboxyl-containing acrylic resins, carboxyl-containing polyester resins, carboxyl-containing polyurethane resins, etc. A coated plastic article obtained by the method for forming a coating film according to the above item 1. These amine compounds can be used singly or in combination of two or more.

Black polypropylene was molded into the shape of a bumper and subjected to degreasing to produce a plastic substrate to be coated. An object of the present invention is to provide a method for forming a coating film on a plastic substrate, wherein the plastic substrate, after being coated with an aqueous white primer, can be easily electrostatically coated with a clear colored coating composition and a clear coating composition.

The blocked polyisocyanate compound is obtained by adding a blocking agent to the isocyanate groups of the polyisocyanate compound to be blocked. The hydroxyl-containing monomer is a compound containing a hydroxyl group and a polymerizable unsaturated group; examples thereof include monoesterified compounds of alkylene glycols having 2 to 10 carbon atoms and meth acrylic acid such as hydroxyethyl meth acrylate, hydroxypropyl meth acrylate, hydroxybutyl meth acrylate, etc.

Though the pores are of course substantially not present due to the high relative density of the sintered body and the size of each crystal grain boundary is small due to the minor amounts of metal elements other than aluminum, it is considered that these crystal grain boundaries have defects for example, oxygen defect etc.

Steps in the Method for 87221 the Coating Film The method for forming a coating film according to the present invention comprises the following steps 1 to 5: