Childhood. Joseph Kentenich was born in Gymnich near Cologne in In , he went to the Saint Vincent orphanage in Oberhausen. At his admittance to. Father Joseph Kentenich was born in Gymnich near Cologne, Germany, on November 18, As a youth, he recognized his calling to become a priest. Joseph Kentenich, born in in Gymnich, near Cologne in Germany was the founder of the Schoenstatt Family Movement. He came from a ” good and.

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He used all of the strength and the attraction of his personality to lead persons who would be entrusted to him to the closeness of God, to the total abandonment to the Blessed Trinity. In ” the Ingolstadt-Schoenstatt parallel ” was made. A mother of five children remembers him thus: About Schoenstatt Schoenstatt is an ecclesial Movement, where everyone, each according to his individual vocation and united in covenant, serves the Church and its mission and the world God has entrusted to us.

The “Secret State Police” brakes the toughest there. After endless vexations, on 20 SeptemberFather Kentenich is summoned by Gestapo ; we quote one of his words, pronounced in private, but reported by an informer: We will learn to educate ourselves under the protection of Mary, to become strong, free and priestly men.

A charism is not a museum artifact that remains preserved in a glass case In the same way, Pope Francis warned us: Schoenstatt after celebrating Holy Mass. The core of Schoenstatt’s foundation is the covenant of love with Mary, the Mother of God. What makes unique this approach is that this “Covenant” is conceived not as a pious symbol, but a bilateral contract between the two contracting parties. Views Read Edit View history.

To jjose day, devotion to Joseph Kentenich is spreading and awareness of his contributions to educational, philosophical, theological, social, and other thought are being translated and disseminated. The Heavenly Father called him to his final home at the age of In on 18 October, the 60th anniversary of the founding of Schoenstatt, the Holy See gave permission to open the beatification process for Father Joseph Kentenich. Human beings, because of our emotional sensitivity, seek to find God and the divine incarnated in concrete human persons.

When some of Fr. He then heard about the place of pilgrimage at Valle di Pompei in Italy, a fairly recently established place of pilgrimage developed by an Italian lawyer, Bartolo Longo who put all his trust in the Virgin Mary.


Latin Church Eastern Catholic Churches: Among these youngsters was Joseph Engling who was killed in military action in Northern France near Cambrai. Kentenich interpreted the ideas of his order’s founder, Vincent Pallottito be calling for a worldwide effort to involve lay people in apostolic work, and to unite the various factions in the Church.

The Founder: Fr. Joseph Kentenich

Abbey of Saint-Joseph de Clairval. On Sunday, September 15,Feast of the Seven Sorrows kengenich Our Lady, immediately after the holy sacrifice of the Mass, he placed his life into the hands of God forever. It is not only about defining his nature but also understanding his strength, his power, his mystery.

Let us not be afraid to present them. This covenant of love generates culture and covenant culture is the unique expression of our way of life and work, our attachment to God, to people, to nature and culture, to the Church and the world, which always departs from the covenant of love. Father Kentenich was arrested on 20 September and kept in solitary confinement in Koblenz for a month.

Over the last three months ofthe tightening of the Nazi regime and epidemics cause the death of 10, prisoners in Dachau.

A Year of Father Kentenich – emphasizing the charism externally

This movement was named after its place of origin, a word meaning “Beautiful Place”. Here in Schoenstatt, there was a celebration with a large number of people. Kentenich constantly returns to this theme: Pope John Paul II reminded us of our responsibility in this sense: Criticism of the Catholic Church Anti-Catholicism.

He returned to Schoenstatt where he died on 15 September in the sacristy of the Adoration Church after celebrating the Mass of Our Lady of Sorrows. Kentenich was able to make use of a little chapel in the cemetry in Schoenstatt where he put a picture of Our Lady that has become known as the MTA Mother Thrice Admirable. Monnerjahn Schoenstatt Publications, Cape Town. Nothing moved him more than his concern that the reality of God be recognized in the world and that the freedom and dignity of every person be respected.

His opposition to Nazism attires persecution over him. In a fairly short time it became a hallowed place of Marian pilrimage. The Fulda Gestapo sent a report on the Movement to the headquarters of the secret police.


On 4 Octoberhe is killed by a shell in Northern France, [4] next to Thun-Saint-Martin ; the founder will present him as a model. Schoenstatt, VallendarGermany. Two of those priests are still working tirelessly in the very poor black communities in the townships and also in Transkei. Angel Strada on Father Kentenich Fatherly priesthood.

In all our actions, we daily hear the echoes of the words given to us by Pope Francis during the audience on 25 October” a culture of encounter is a covenant culture that creates solidarity.

WHO WAS FATHER KENTENICH ? Dilexit Ecclesiam ­ He loved the Church

Dilexit Ecclesiam Kentenic loved the Church. Confidently, they bring their concerns or their thanksgiving for help that they have received. The speech he delivered on this occasion is considered the Schoenstatt Movement’s Foundation Act. This kengenich counting the several Federations and Leagues gathering priests, lay people and families.

As I am your own, my good Mother, guard and defend me as your property and your possession. Inhe sent three Schoenstatt Fathers to join them in their apostolate in Cape Town.

Kentenich Archives –

A daughter shrine was built in Milwaukee and he chose a magnificent site in nearby Waukesha for The International Schoenstatt Centre which is now an important retreat and conference centre with priests and sisters in separate houses on the same property.

In his teaching he emphasised the importance of striving for kenteenich in the ordinary events of daily life workday sanctity and of making small or big sacrifices to be offered to the Father by entrusting them to the joee treasury of grace ” of Mary, inseparable from her son Jesus Christ. He came from a ” good and honourable family “, according to the parish priest who wrote a letter of recommendation for the young Joseph when he applied to enter the novitiate of the Pallotine order in Limburg in There was a brief analysis of what these 50 years since Read More.

The young seminarians grasped his intentions and testified by their spirit of sacrifice during the tough years of World War I. Pope Francis — Kntenich Tweets.