Kalama Sutta: The Buddha’s Charter of Free Inquiry The Kalamas who were inhabitants of Kesaputta: “Reverend Gotama, the monk, the son of the Sakiyans, . A Look at the Kalama Sutta by Bhikkhu Bodhi. The discourse has been described as “the Buddha’s Charter of Free Inquiry,” and though the discourse certainly. Kalama Sutta. The people of Kalama asked the Buddha who to believe out of all the ascetics, sages, venerables, and holy ones who, like himself, passed.

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We also call it hearsay. It can be incorrect if the reasoning or choice of assumptions is inappropriate.

Buddhist Scriptures: A Look at the Kalama Sutta, by Bhikkhu Bodhi

It analyses every phase of cosmic phenomenon, the constituents that go to make up a human being, and the differentiating states of mentality; it categorizes the differentiation of Good, Evil and Neutral; it rejects every phase of superstitious belief that is based on mere tradition, speculation, revelations, magic, analogy, logic, authority, and collected discourses, and appeals to the purified heart to distinguish the good from the bad, and to avoid doing anything that is correlated with covetousness, anger and lust.

Be kind to yourself and come to terms with your body October 15, They will complete all ten items themselves as they become fully mature adults—if we train children by this standard.

Does delusion appear in a man for his benefit or harm? The Buddha next explains that a “noble disciple, devoid of covetousness and ill will, undeluded” dwells pervading the world with boundless loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity. Nowadays the world has been shrunk by superb communications.

Kalama Sutta – Wikipedia

Thus the Buddha concluded: These truths have been imparted to us by the Buddha out of his own profound comprehension of the human condition. Take wisdom or right understanding as the starting point, then let faith grow out of that wisdom or right understanding. They approached him merely as a counselor who might help dispel their doubts, but they did not come to him as the Tathagata, the Truth-finder, who might show them the way to spiritual progress and to final liberation.


Then, your Buddhist quality of awakening will sytta fat and robust, rather than skinny and weak. It aims at seeing things as they truly are which is a basic principle of Buddhism and its goal.

This is the greatest special quality kapama Buddhism, which keeps its practitioners from being the intellectual slaves of anyone, as explained above. Does absence of hate appear in a man for his benefit or harm? Then, how can ill results affect me who do no evil deed?

The Kalamas, citizens of the town of Kesaputta, had been visited by religious teachers of divergent views, each of whom would propound his own doctrines and tear down the doctrines of his predecessors. Let us not retreat from giving this Christmas December 23, The various schools of Buddhism all have their own cannons, among which there are discrepancies. However, for those whose vision is capable of widening to encompass the broader horizons of our existence. This, in fact, marks the acquisition of right view, in its preliminary role as the forerunner of the entire Noble Eightfold Path.

The Buddha begins by assuring the Kalamas that under such circumstances it is proper for them to doubt, an assurance which encourages free inquiry.

The Kalamas, however, at the start of the discourse are not yet fertile soil for him to sow the seeds of his liberating message. Conscious Creativity See all. Which spoke the truth and which falsehood? This is how to live:.


Nowadays, we must be wary of computers because the programmers who feed them data and manipulate them may feed in the wrong information or use them incorrectly. So whose teachings should they follow?

Do not worship computers so much, for doing so goes against this principle of the Kalama Sutta. Indeed, the Blessed One is thus consummate, fully enlightened, endowed with knowledge and practice, sublime, knower of the worlds, peerless, guide of tamable men, teacher of suttx and human beings, which he by himself has through direct knowledge understood clearly. Venerable sir, may the Blessed One regard us as lay followers who have gone for refuge for life, from today.

A democracy of selfish people means freedom to use their selfishness in a most frightening and awful manner. Memorized teachings, which are passed on orally sutts not be confused with Pitaka. We make surmises frequently, concluding that something is true, though we may not have all the kalamaa or information. Mind-spirit Mind-spirit See all.

Critical Thinking in Buddhism: The Kalama Sutta

Due to these standards of the Kalama Sutta, Buddhism will meet the expectations and needs of true scientists. Then it is possible that at the dissolution of the body after death, I shall arise in the heavenly world, which is possessed of the state of bliss.

Also it is also fundamental not to be attached to views. Articles containing Pali-language text Articles containing Sanskrit-language text Articles containing Burmese-language text Articles containing Thai-language text. The good repute of the Reverend Gotama has been spread in this way: