Ten days after transpersonal psychologist Wilber married Terry Killam in , Grace and Grit. Ken Wilber, Author Shambhala Publications $25 (p) ISBN. Treya Killam Wilber is Terry Killam when you first meet her. She is a She meets and falls in love with Ken Wilber in a classic but somewhat bizarre romance. When Ken Wilber and Treya Killam met in , it was “love at first touch. Grace and Grit is the story of their life together until Treya’s death five years later.

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Your cancer still seemed cruel at the end. She said, “Because I can no longer ignore death, I pay more attention to life. By the way, wilbeer reviews are usually much shorter. Both Ken and Treya bring to the subject a deep yet critical interest in transpersonal psychology, philosophy, and esoteric religions, and they range widely over Western, Wilver, and “New Age” resources in an attempt to answer two questions: Daily Reflections on Integral Spirituality.

She never fully expels the cancer jen her body, and it finally consumes her, but Now I see why, in your books, you have always maintained that the modern rise of rationality, which has usually spent so much time trashing religion, is actually in itself a very spiritual movement.

Apr 22, Lisa Ekn rated it really liked it Shelves: Instead of abstract platitudes she received wisdom that was won at a high price. I can only say that I one of the few times I have felt truly in awe of a person was throughout the reading of this book.

Grace and Grit

And despite the obvious deep-soul connection Ken has with Treya, most descriptions of why he loves her or why he was attracted to her begin first with a comment about how beautiful she was. It succeeds as a story of one cancer patient’s experience, as a guidebook for patients and their caretakers, as a love story, as a survey of the world’s mystical traditions, as an examination of death and dying, and as an exploration of relationship as a means for spiritual development.


Was given this book to read by kn friend for a curriculum we are devising.

So sooner grrace later I have no choice but to trust, trust my experience, trust that the universe is not fundamentally and persistently going to lie to me.

She deals with anger, rage, bitterness, self-pity, depression, as well as laughter, humor, trust, and love. There’s woo and, like I said, Wilber stating ‘facts’ without citing references, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But the aggressive tumor and treatment test this side of her “to the max”. Ken and Treya on the hand are highly pretentious.

Very interesting class, and this book stood out head and shoulders for me grae the otherwise excellent course reading list as the one that really captivated my attention and imagination. It offers such personal insight into the dying process – but even more so into how that process can change ones perspectiv My dear cousin lent me her copy of this book a few months back and at the time told me it was one of her all-time favorite books — now after completing it myself — I completely understand why.

Grave what exactly are some of the essentials of the perennial philosophy?

It really felt like no woman who entered the narrative was described without reference to her physical beauty. Heaven is of the mind, Earth is of the body. Everything is “I”, “I”, “I” and “me”, “me”, “me”.

When Ken and Treya met it was love at first touch. They divide much more rapidly than any of the body’s normal cells. This has to be one of the most emotionally touching and spiritually rewarding books I have ever read. I do not know how to report the change necessity so I do this here.

In my opinion, these scholars do not have a sufficiently detailed cartography of the whole spectrum of consciousness. Trust yourself, trust your psychic immune system. The child accepts these rules and roles in an unquestioning fashion—what researchers call the conformist stage. Imagine 10 days after marring the man of your dreams, starting chemo for the breast cancer they discovered. He too is very honest, courageously sharing how this process confronts his isolationism and eventually calls him to a different kind of surrender.


My life coach recommended this book to me when one of my loved ones was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer.

Grace & Grit: Spirituality & Healing in the Life & Death of Treya Killam Wilber

No trivia or quizzes yet. This is a very inspiring, uplifting book of relationships and dealing with illness and loss. At this point her terminal illness reveals itself. His weaknesses are exposed and he examines them as she continues to fight the cancer. No one can tell me. Graace finally picked it up ad year, and as fate would have it, my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while I was reading it.

If you are aware of the author Ken Wilber you will know to expect an erudite and scholarly text and indeed this book has this in spades. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Grace & Grit: Spirituality & Healing in the Life & Death of Treya Killam Wilber by Ken Wilber

That is what both radiation and chemotherapy do. Summary In the fall ofTreya Killam was about to be married to Ken Wilber, a prominent theorist in the field of transpersonal psychology, when she was diagnosed with a particularly virulent form of breast cancer. May 28, Kevin rated it it was amazing.

Rather than sunning herself in Hawaii she has her breast removed and begins a rigorous round of chemo. What, in any tradition, can Treya do to promote the healing of her body, and what can she and Ken do to hold their spirits together in the face of her worsening prospects?