Kerfol has ratings and 20 reviews. Tom said: This story is not exactly what I expected going in. Even so, it is a great example of gothic horror and. It is one of the many ghost stories Edith Wharton wrote and was also included in the collection Ghosts published in Kerfol. cover design. Edith Wharton aimait les chiens, et elle a exprimé la force de ce sentiment dans deux passages-clés de ses écrits autobiographiques. «Kerfol» est la seule de.

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She had no desire for the pomander, and did not know why she had bought it. I bought it immediately!

As theologian Stephen H. She also claims that her husband had strangled her pet dog.

He was an old grave dog, much more experienced than the others; and he seemed to be observing me with a deeper intentness. The little animal stood before kerdol, forbidding, almost menacing: It was rather a relief to be rid of that cloud of witnesses; and I began to look about me for a way to the back of the house.

The very year after the little brown dog was brought to Kerfol, Yves de Cornault, one winter night, was found dead at the head of a narrow flight of stairs leading down from his wife’s rooms to a door opening on the court. LoveHistory, I am delighted to have made you discover these fascinating works. She shut the dog in a chest and went down to receive him.

Possibly her explanation, whatever it was, had seemed convincing when she poured it out to him in the heat of their first private colloquy; but now that it was exposed to the cold daylight of judicial scrutiny, and the banter of the town, he was thoroughly ashamed of it, and would have sacrificed her without a scruple to save his professional reputation.


Moreover, the door at the bottom of the stairs was ajar, and the key in the lock; and it was noticed by the chaplain an observant man that the dress she wore was stained with blood about the knees, and that there were traces of small blood-stained hands low down on the staircase walls, so that it was conjectured that she had really been at the postern-door when her husband fell and, feeling her way up to him in the darkness on her hands and knees, had been stained by his blood dripping down on her.

It reminded me of Blue Beard and Elizabeth Gaskell ‘s The Grey Womanwhere a lovely young woman marries an older man who is revealed as a villain. The halls of Kerfol hold many secrets and mysteries.

I don’t exactly remember the details; but after you’ve read it I’ll bet anything you’ll leave your light burning all night!


Northcote House,pp. Presently the trees ended and I came kervol a fortified gate in a long wall. But the inquisitive Judge was still inquisitive.

He had married young and lost his wife and son soon after, and since then had lived alone at Kerfol. Besides, the type of the book was detestable. But they let me wander about the court as I pleased, following me at a little distance — whartom the same distance — and always keeping their eyes on me.

The Dogs of “Kerfol”: Animals, Authorship, and Wharton

Then straight ahead till you see an avenue. Kerfol particularly appealed to me because it is set in France, and, as I wrote beforeEdith Wharton is the Frenchest of all American writers. Not long afterward he went on business to the Quimper Assizes; and while he was away his aunt, the widow of a great nobleman of the duchy, came to spend a night at Kerfol on her way kerfkl the pardon of Ste.


Another touch of irony? I walked on and on, the branches hitting me in the face and springing back with a dry rattle; and at length I came out on the grassy top of the chemin de ronde.

The impression they produced was that of having in common kerfop memory so deep and dark that nothing that had happened since was worth either a growl or a wag. He carried a velvet box in his hand and, setting it down on the hearth, lifted the lid and let out a little golden-brown dog.

Kerfol, by Edith Wharton

Barbe, and there for the first time she talked with Herve de Lanrivain. As I did so, I heard myself laugh. Want to Wharhon saving…. I knew by this time that they would not try to prevent my approaching the house, and the knowledge left me free to examine them.

Kerfol – a tutorial, study guide & critical commentary

This introductory episode is then contrasted with and expanded upon in the reconstruction of the murder trial which the narrator makes from old court records. When her husband suddenly appears at efith top of the stairs, she claims he was attacked and mauled to death by a pack of dogs. As I advanced, the dogs separated and slid away into different corners of the court.

Finally I crossed kwrfol bridge and tried the iron gate.