The Book of Purification (Kitab Al-Taharah). INTRODUCTION. We have read in the first Book that the love of Allah is the highest aim of a true believer. It is for the . Results 1 – 14 of 14 Kitab-Ut-Taharah by Majlisul Ulama of South Africa and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Fiqh At-Taharah. Fiqh. Uloom Al-Fiqh. Uloom Al-Fiqh · Usul Rozon Kay Masaail · Bukhari Kitab us-Saum · Assorted. Fiqh Az-Zakah. Fiqh al-Zakat · Zak’at Kay.

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SAHIH MUSLIM, BOOK 2: The Book of Purification (Kitab Al-Taharah)

The Messenger of Allah way peace be upon him said: We returned from Mecca to Medina with the Messenger of Allah may peace be upon himand when we came to some water on the way, some of the people were in a hurry at the time of the afternoon prayer and performed ablution hurriedly; and when we reached them, their heels were dry, no water had touched them. He has forbidden the use of dung or bone for it, and he has also instructed us not to use less than three pebbles for this purpose.

And Abu Huraira was asked how it was to be done; he said: Alqama and Aswad reported: My people would come to me on the Cistern and I would drive away persons from it just as a person drives away other people’s camels from his camels. Ibrahim had observed that this hadith was a surprise for them the people because Jarir had embraced Islam after the revelation of Surat al-Ma’ida.


Umar was sitting there reclining with his back towards the Qibla. I used to scrape off the drop of semen from the garment of the Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him.

Mihsan, one amongst the sons of Asad b. When any one amongst you squats for answering the call of nature, he should neither turn his face towards the Qibla nor turn his back towards it.

I asked ‘A’isha about wiping over the shoes. Messenger of Allab, would you recognise us?

The Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him stipulated the upper limit of three days and three nights for a traveller and one day and tsharah night for the resident. You are my companions, and our brothers are those who have, so far, not come into the world.

By enjoining cleanliness of body upon man Islam awakens him to the realisation of the fact that when impurities on the body of a man produce such unhealtby effects on his physical being and corrode his mental health, how miserable his life would be when his soul is polluted with impurities. The Messenger of Allah may peace be upon haharah went out for relieving himself.

Shaqiq, Abu Salih, Abla Razin, there is a mention of” three times”. A hadith like this has been narrated from Shu’ba with the same chain of transmitters except for the fact that in the hadith transmitted by Yahya those words are: Make your ablution thorough.

Hadith 7 of purification (kitab al-taharah) by sunan abu dawood

Should I not show you the ablution performed by Allah’s Messenger may peace be upon him? Shuraih narrated tauarah from his father who said: Yahya with the same chain of tahharah, but there is no mention of ankles. I saw Uthman call for a vessel of water and poured water over his hands three times and then washed them. The Messenger of Allah may peace be opon him said: By Allah, I am narrating to you a hadith had there not been this verse in the Book of Allah. I do not know what these are. I find that it was afternoon prayer.


The Messenger or Allah may peace be upon him said: O my Lord, they are my companions. Verily I heard the Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him say: I was, with Uthman that he called for ablution water and said: The Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him sent for water and sprayed it over his garment over that part which was contaminated with the urine of the child and he did not wash it thoroughly.

Kitab al-Taharah by Iqbal Kilani – Taught by Dr. Farhat Hashmi

He tried to get his forearms out. Yusuf al-Azdi, Mu’alla b. O Abu Huraira, what is this ablution? Leave them, for my feet were clean when I put them in, and he only wiped over them. I brought for Uthman b. Humran reported when ‘Uthman performed ablution he said: