KMyMoney, the personal finance manager for KDE. This handbook describes KMyMoney version If your interested in helping us keep our user manual up to date, the help would If you have found errors in the current manual for KMyMoney, you may submit. The full documentation for KMyMoney is maintained as a docbook manual. If the KHelpCenter program is properly installed at your site, the command.

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Red Hat is not responsible for content. This handbook describes KMyMoney version 4. What KMyMoney is not 2.

User Guide – Financial Software – Fedora Project Wiki

Forecast What is a Forecast? Previous Page – Office Tools. This page was last edited on 15 Aprilat Questions and Answers Thomas Baumgart ipwizard users.

Schedules Introduction Types of schedules Bills Deposits Loans Transfers The schedule view The new schedule dialog Filling in the fields Modifying the schedule behavior Letting KMyMoney enter the transaction into the register Letting KMyMoney know when the schedule will finish Editing schedules Deleting schedules The calendar view Entering scheduled transactions Manually entering scheduled transactions Confirming the transaction to enter Letting KMyMoney enter the scheduled transaction s for you GnuCash allows you kmy,oney track personal and business bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses, and is based on double entry accounting principles.


Introduction What is KMyMoney?

Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3. KMyMoney Is a double entry accounting software package, for personal and small business use.

Table of Contents 1. To install read the chapter on managing software. Retrieved from ” https: Budgets What is a budget? For additional help using the application, please refer to the documents on the Gnucash website.

Reconciliation What is reconciliation? The Fedora Project is maintained and driven by the community and sponsored by Red Hat. What’s new in this manal 3. Both applications can be used for personal and business, and configured for online banking.

KMyMoney – The KMyMoney user manuals

User Guide – Financial Software. For comments or queries, please contact us. Robert Wadley robntina users. Although each financial software application is recommended kmymoneey a specific desktop environment, remember both will work on any Fedora desktop environment.

Tony Bloomfield tonybloom users. Currencies Base currency Adding a new currency Account setup Entering transactions using different currencies Exchange rates for currencies Entering prices manually Online currency updates Ace Jones acejones users.


User Guide – Financial Software

The reconciliation wizard Statement details Interest Clearing transactions Completing Reconciliation This is a community kmymonej site. Roger Lum rogerlum gmail. You can install them by either using the PackageKit application or on the command line by using Yum.