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Nothing Like You by Lauren Strasnick

On ne peut que craquer pour lui. When Paul comes back for more, they start having secret sex in her bedroom late at night. Holly and I went through the same thing – no joke. Nothing Like You was refreshing. It hurt, she was self destructing and not because she really wanted to but because she felt something and she didn’t really understand, she was kind of grieving in her own way I guess.

I lovelovelove him, he made me laugh and was quite swoon-y. When he compared me to her. She doesn’t know Saskia, so who is she really hurting Holly lost her virginity to Paul, a guy she barely knows. This could have been something amazing but sadly, for me, it w If I was to describe this book in one word, it’d probably be predictable. Cadeau du 6 septembre jour de mon anniversaire!

Achat du 10 mars Or any other character, really. And, yes, Paul is a creep. It will leave you empty. Soon, the two of them become great friends, and Holly is in a tough spot and knows that she has to completely end things with Paul, but how?

There’s not really much else I can say without breaking into a long list of swear words and insults. To start off my first review, I was excited to read this book as I thought that it’d be good, given the plot. Dtrasnick loses her virginity but this was her plan and finally feels something after months of being numb. I thought the message of the author came across clearly. I loved the plot. It’s written preimre such fosi, honest prose which cuts right to the core.


You know, she just seemed inconsiderate of some people’s feelings because she thought they were “sluts” or “mean” without having really known them at all. Paul was a Giant horses arse.

16 Ways To Break A Heart by Lauren Strasnick on Apple Books

The other characters, such as Saskia and Nils, were the same way. Yes, Holly does make poor choices. I was also interested in reading more about Jeff her father and how he was managing his life.

Open Preview See a Problem? Laa du 23 mai Problem is that Paul toutw a girlfriend: I think not and I am baffled as to why she would even get affected by Paul. What does avoiding a psychic have to do with losing a parent to cancer? She knew Paul had a girlfriend, but she didn’t care – that is until she found out how much a nice person Saskia was. Holly’s not the kind of girl that I was prepared to like.

I had something totally different and more happy in mind for it, though Lauren took the chance to surprise which made it a bit too unhappy and open for my liking.

Ultimately, I have to admire the bravery and integrity with which Strasnick has written this lingering, difficult story. Take a movie like American Beauty, which has a million sub plots carefully woven together to create a coherent story.


I have never exhaled as much as I had while reading Nothing Like You compared to other books. I just wish teenagers will think twice before engaging into something like sex. I hardly know where to begin this review. Smith Very good lives de J. I mean, jeesh, she didn’t even start seeing the guy when he had a girlfriend. And he came back stradnick, hotter, tanner, and married?

She’s lx shoved into the narrow valley in between right and wrong, especially in the aspect of her relationship with Paul which I wanted to be annoyed with because I disliked Paul from the first few lines. And Saskia isn’t any better. I thought the subject matter was pretty great. Holly’s mom, the most important person in her life, died preire by forces out of her control.

La personne qui pigera premide un membre de ma famille.

16 Ways To Break A Heart

Achats du 22 janvier Return to Book Page. I was up until the early hours of this morning devouring this, and I feel The narrative opens with Holly unceremoniously losing her virginity to the popular Paul, someone she barely even knows, let alone likes.

Remember that flashback to the beach vacation with the blonde guy Holly was crushing on when she was 12? In fact, either one could almost suffice as the main plot, but in a novel so short, it feels like they’re competing for popularity. If that was enough for me, I wouldn’t need to read now, would I?