Wildwood: The Wildwood Chronicles, Book 1 is a children’s fantasy novel by The De Groote, Kate (age 10) (November 12, ), “Book review: ‘ Wildwood’ is a fun read”, Deseret News, Salt Lake City, retrieved December 7, ; Ellis. Wildwood has ratings and reviews. Carmine said: 2 for the writing No sentido de O Hobbit e As Crônicas de Narnia. O livro não foge da violência. Buy Las crónicas de Wildwood 1ª ed. by Carson Ellis, Colin Meloy, Victoria Simó Perales (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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I was sort of into the story’s two adult heroes or villains, depending on whose side and what chapter you were on. And it wasn’t just the book’s length that had me bitching and complaining.

Unknown to the Outsiders, it is filled with magical talking animals and people, some living in the pastoral, almost medieval conditions of North Wood, while the country of South Wood is industrialized with technology typical of the 19th and early 20th Century. The battle turns against the coyote army, but Prue discovers that she can control plants the way the Mystics can and uses her new skill to make the tree boughs snatch Mac from Alexandra.

Curtis is captured and taken to Alexandra the leader of the coyoteswhile Prue rides a mail truck to South Wood. The soldiers stand around for half an hour waiting for her to finish this instead of simply cutting the plants down with the many sharp implements at hand.

He is an awkward “persecuted loner” who lacks Prue’s confidence, [5] and is, at first, easily intimidated and manipulated by Prue, Alexandra, and others.

Las crónicas de Wildwood

The stuff borrowed from Avatar is but the culmination of a problem that runs throughout the book: The world created by Meloy is so close to our own yet so far apart. Yes, it made me think of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – but you have to understand that I LOOOOVED that book – read it until the cover fell off – I still remember finding it in the library for the first time – it’s seminal in my world view – and the fact that Wildwood reminded me of it actually made me like it more. Trollslikewise, has only a scant handful of grounding references and the present age of the main character to date it by.


The characters are inconsistent and remote, and there is no deeper meaning underneath.

Wildwood (Wildwood Chronicles, #1) by Colin Meloy

Prue rides her bicycle ahead and convinces the bandits to join forces. Audience is probably grown up Decemberist fans. The bandits are threatened by the Dowager Governess’ ivy, as well as the whole forest, and so he is cornered into having to fight along the citizens of North Wood and Prue.

Prue transports baby Mac in the little red wagon hitched to her bicycle, and the infant is carried off by crows. But eventually, as I continued reading – this book became this reminder of several things, such as: The frustrating thing about this book is that if you describe the individual elements to almost anyone who loves books of this type, their eyes will light up: Prue runs after Mac followed by her classmate Curtis who discovers he has been taken to the Impassable Wilderness.

Prue does not want Curtis along, but before she can send him back, they are separated while fleeing from Coyote Soldiers. Dec 02, Mayra Sigwalt rated it really liked it Shelves: I nearly abandoned after the Portland hipster preciousness of the first chapter. By pages it was evident that Colin Meloy did not grasp certain essential elements of story construction and I lost confidence. We have the “bereaved mothers are evil” line that we often see in fairy tales.


I am going to wait until my library has the rest of the trilogy befor Prue’s baby brother Mac has been spirited away by Crows into the Impassable wilderness of Wildwood.

Seriously, apparently we needed to establish that 12 year old Prue rides a single speed bike and cruises the new used bins at the record store- very important for aesthetic.

However, I felt that by the time that was done, it got a bit rushed and ending was wilswood okay for me. Most news articles and book reviews call Wildwood a children’s novel[20] or middle grade book, [21] but some class it as young adult fiction YA or YAL. Mekiah Johnson I’m 15 years old, and I loved the book.

Colin Meloy, in The Atlantic [3]. For more reviews, author interviews and reading lists from The Rusty Key, visit us at www.

In addition to his vocal duties, he plays acoustic guitar, string widlwood guitar, electric guitar, bouzouki, and percussion. When they first moved to Portland, Meloy and Ellis were living in a warehouse where they “had this idea of working on a novel together His secretary, Roger, gives strong Wormtongue vibes.

The cover is gorgeous, the writing is strong, and the vocabulary fantastic, but the storyline just didn’t grab me at all, and the level of war and politics felt very adult – in the dullest sense of the word.

Anyway, I gave it a go but it was just so boring and I was incredibly put off by the adventure set-up at the beginning.