“Last Cover” by Paul Annixter. Pre- Reading. Imagine that you have a pet that has run away. The situation is complicated by the fact that the pet is destructive. Start studying Mrs. LaFrance’s “Last Cover” by Paul Annixter. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Vocabulary and literary elements to know for this story. Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

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What is a theme for the last cover by Paul Annixter

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Short Story Setting A rural area somewhere in northern Minnesota. People make a living by farming and hunting. Point Of View First-person point of view.

Stan is the narrator ahnixter this story. He is in the story and reveals the action by way of his own thoughts and feelings.

Answer personal response question on pg Conflict External: The boys view Bandit as a loving pet.


The fact is Bandit is a wild animal and belongs in the wild. The father is disappointed in Colin and thinks he should be more helpful on the farm. The fact is Colin is different and unique. Colin should be accepted the way he is. Characters Stan – the narrator of the story.

Last Cover By Paul Annixter by Gianmarco Mini on Prezi

He is strong, able-bodied and a good hunter. Colin – a twelve-year-old boy, who is an excellent artist.

He is not appreciated by his father because he cannot hunt or work well on the farm. Bandit – the fox raised by the boys Characters continued Father – a seasoned hunter and farmer who values physical strength and hard work. Mother – worries about Colin due to his small, sickly nature. She encourages his artistic ability. Theme Trust is fover important element in all relationships.

Last Cover* by Paul Annixter

Trust between humans Stan and Colin and an animal Bandit, the fox is possible. People should be valued for their individual gifts. At the end of the story, Father learns to value Colin as an artist instead of being disappointed in xnnixter lack of physical strength and hunting ability. When the fox matures, it leaves the boys.


Because Bandit is familiar with humans and their ways, the fox kills chickens belonging to lash farmers. Colin often observes the fox in the wild and knows of its special hiding place. The fox hides there when local farmers band together to hunt it down.

Colin draws Bandit in his hiding place. The drawing appeals to his father and eases their relationship. To read or not to read Rising 8th Grade Reading List.