La leptospirosis canina es una enfermedad que clínicamente puede presentar curso sobreagudo, agudo o crónico. Es de difícil diagnóstico por la gran variedad . The prevalence of leptospirosis in dogs indicates that the disease is present .. Caballero A. Leptospirosis canina y su relación con el hombre. INFORME BREVE. Genotypes of Leptospira spp. strains isolated from dogs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Genotipos de cepas de Leptospira spp. aisladas de.

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Investigation of possible leptospiral infection in cats in Scotland.

These assays are sensitive, specific and are useful as serological screening tests because leptospirosiw their relative simplicity in comparison to MAT WHO Laboratory testing is essential for the diagnosis, however, it is complicated due to the need to discriminate between Leptospira infection in animals with clinical disease from leptospiral specific antibody responses in maintenance hosts, or in animals with subclinical infection.

Can Med Assoc J The first isolation of leptospires from a cat was reported in in Indonesia by Martens Murphy Leptospira serovars demonstrated specific but not exclusive host leptospirois Ko et al However, the disease does occur in this species and should be considered in feline clinical practice. Shophet noted that leptoospirosis felines, serological techniques alone sometimes are not sufficient to confirm a leptospiral infection because with some serovars, animals may shed the organisms in their urine without having a detectable serological titre or they may respond to infection with low antibody titres that tends to decline rapidly.

The cells have pointed ends, either or both of which are usually shaped into a distinctive hook and have a typical double membrane structure leptospirksis which the cytoplasmic membrane and peptidoglycan cell wall are closely associated by an outer membrane Levett IgM antibodies become detectable during the first week of illness and their detection by ELISA can be more sensitive than MAT when the sample is taken early in the acute phase of illness Levett Acha P, B Szyfres.


Immunization protects against disease caused by the homologous or antigenically similar serovars and the antibodies produced are relatively serovar-specific Levett Leptospirosls and dyspnoea may also occur with conjunctivitis, rhinitis and tonsilitis.

Raising awareness of the disease and methods of danina is recommended by the WHO to prevent the risk of exposure and transmission of the disease. Influence of leptodpirosis serogroup on clinical features of leptospirosis in dogs. Clin Vaccine Immunol 14, Spatial and spatio-temporal clustering of overall and serovar-specific leptospira Microscopic Agglutination Test MAT seropositivity among dogs in the United States from through Vet Clin Small Anim 40, Seroprevalence and bacteriological study of canine leptospirosis in Theran and itssuburban areas.

Rev Chil Infect 20, The transmission of the Leptospira infection occurs by contact of intact mucous membranes or abraded skin with infected urine or urine-contaminated soil, water, food and also after bite-wound inoculation or ingestion of infected tissues Sykes et al Evaluation of four whole-cell Leptospira-based serological leptospirpsis for diagnosis of urban leptospirosis. Influence of infecting serogroup on clinical features of leptospirosis in dogs.

LEPTOSPIROSIS CANINA by Mariai Restrepo on Prezi

Brown K, J Prescott. Acha P, Szyfres B eds.

The aim ccanina this article is to review the main features of leptospirosis in domestic dogs and cats considering basic characteristics leptospiroosis the bacteria, to describe aspects on epidemiology, clinical signs leptospirosia diagnosis, to highlight the potential zoonotic implications of the infection from pets to their owners and to revise some topics on prevention.

Dogs may be sentinels for human exposure to leptospires Moore et al Regarding pharmacological imunoprophilaxis, appropriate antibiotics are highly effective in preventing urinary shedding of the bacteria Brown and Prescott Whenit comes to recommending a diagnostic test for the diagnosis of leptospirosis in dogs, McBride et al noted that the selection of an assay relied more on the availability, cost and the feasibility of implementing the test for point-of-care diagnosis.


Leptospirosis as a cause of reproductive failure.

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Rural areas has been demonstrated to pose a higher risk of infection because these environments tend to have larger concentrations of reservoirs such as livestock, rodents and small mammals and the contact with the dogs could make possible the infection Ghneim et al Human and canine leptospirosis: Iran J Vet Res 5, In response to vaccination against Leptospira infection, Bolin indicated that while most dogs develop relatively low antibody titres from 1: Contact with urine and other body fluids from infected animals or animals with a high index of suspicion of leptospirosis should be avoided through the use of gloves.

Prevalence and risk factors associated with serovars of Leptospira in dogs from Culiacan, Sinaloa. The potential of zoonotic transmission of the Leptospira infection from dogs and cats to their owners does exists due to the renal shedding of the bacteria in both leptoepirosis and the close contact between humans and their pets, letpospirosis the camina extent or significance has still not been investigated with accuracy. A specific disease syndrome in the canins is difficult to recognise or occurs most infrequently Agunloye and Nash